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Big names are moving into Mongolia

Mongolia, once a place whose very name conjured up images of isolation and deprivation has become one of the hottest new frontier market destinations for international and luxury brands in recent years, particularly those catering to higher income clients.

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Risks and considerations when investing in property abroad

Finding the right city to invest in is the key. Do not restrict yourself to the area in which you live in.

International property investments are being considered as an additional investment product for many investors around the world.

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Renting Real Estate in Ulaanbaatar

Renting real estate in a frontier property market like Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia requires certain stages that one should be aware of. This ensures that the rental process is smooth, easy and painless for both the lessor and the lessee. In this article we look at the different stages and how to go about them.  

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Purchasing Real Estate in Ulaanbaatar

Purchasing real estate in a frontier property market like Ulaanbaatar requires certain steps that one as an investor should be familiar with. This ensures that the buying process is smooth, safe and hassle-free. In this article we look at the steps involved and how to go about them. 

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A Guide to Real Estate Investing

 What you will need to know: If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you’ll need to do your research, so we dug deep into the internet and came out alive with a list of key concepts, myths and practices. Plus, I'll throw in a couple of extra punchlines to keep things exciting. 

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Property Investment Tour in Mongolia

Mongolian Properties provides property tour services to clients with an intent to expose them to the real estate market conditions on the ground. The tour is dedicated to everyone from individual who is seeking to rent or buy a property or to people who are in town for a short period of time and wants to understand the city and the properties offered in Ulaanbaatar city.

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Understanding the luxury real estate market in Ulaanbaatar

Amidst discussions of Mongolian recovery, questions arise as to its implications for the luxury real estate market. Standing next to the Zaisan Monument, overlooking Ulaanbaatar, a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking there is a flurry of activity - perhaps even oversupply. But in this city where explosive growth gave way to recession, most schemes stand little chance of completion, at least in the meantime. The debt market - known for cripplingly high interest rates - has arrested development, placing a premium on newly completed stock in the city centre.

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5 reasons to invest in Ulaanbaatar residential property

Struggling to find reliable returns affects all investors. Volatile investments, currency risk and the need for diversification present challenges for individuals and families. Real estate has often been shown to have a low correlation with the performance of other asset classes- and can be one of the first to outperform when an economy recovers. We looked at five reasons you should consider investing in residential property in UB, now.
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A Brit in UB: Strong Returns, Good Prospects

Mongolian Properties has been lucky to support investors from all over the world, who want to benefit from Mongolia's exciting economic story. We recently caught up with Dan Smith from the UK, who was an early investor in Ulaanbaatar, and who says he could be back for more.

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