Understanding the luxury real estate market in Ulaanbaatar

Amidst discussions of Mongolian recovery, questions arise as to its implications for the luxury real estate market. Standing next to the Zaisan Monument, overlooking Ulaanbaatar, a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking there is a flurry of activity - perhaps even oversupply. But in this city where explosive growth gave way to recession, most schemes stand little chance of completion, at least in the meantime. The debt market - known for cripplingly high interest rates - has arrested development, placing a premium on newly completed stock in the city centre.

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5 reasons to invest in Ulaanbaatar residential property

Struggling to find reliable returns affects all investors. Volatile investments, currency risk and the need for diversification present challenges for individuals and families. Real estate has often been shown to have a low correlation with the performance of other asset classes- and can be one of the first to outperform when an economy recovers. We looked at five reasons you should consider investing in residential property in UB, now.
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Mongolia 2018 Q1 Update

Back from the Brink: Mongolia primed for another year of strong economic growth

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2018 Q1 Update

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2017 Q3 Update

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2017 Q4 Update

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