LendMN: The Vanguard of the Mongolian Silicon Valley

One of the most exciting events in the Mongolian financial market this year was the IPO of LendMN, which became the first non-banking financial institution (NBFI) to be listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. 


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The Story of the Tugrik: Stability Increases Investment

For investors investing across international borders, the foreign exchange rate can be incredibly important. If the currency is devaluing fast, any gains on investment into assets valued in that currency can be significantly diminished. Mongolia’s exchange rate (against the US dollar) has not done well in the last few years, due to government policies against foreign investment, but shows signs of stabilizing, as the government has reversed its policies.

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Investing Climate in Mongolia

Financing sources underpinning investment since 2010 show Mongolia is heavily dependent on FDI, and the sharp drop from 2013-2015 has since picked up. While FDI sharply fell over the last few years, public investment financed by the government budget and DBM rapidly increased, relying on domestic and external debt financing. Looking forward, Mongolia has certain particular areas that foreign investors can enjoy for the time being.

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