Big names are moving into Mongolia


Mongolia, once a place whose very name conjured up images of isolation and deprivation has become one of the hottest new frontier market destinations for international and luxury brands in recent years, particularly those catering to higher income clients.

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Risks and considerations when investing in property abroad

Finding the right city to invest in is the key. Do not restrict yourself to the area in which you live in.

International property investments are being considered as an additional investment product for many investors around the world.

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Legal Environment in Mongolia

Under the Soviet regime, all land in Mongolia was owned and collectively managed by the state. The 1992 constitution allowed for different forms of private land and immovable property tenure. Apartments were privatized by the thousands, as were industrial centers, farms and livestock. However, partially due to low population densities, the vast majority of land remained public property.

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LendMN: The Vanguard of the Mongolian Silicon Valley

One of the most exciting events in the Mongolian financial market this year was the IPO of LendMN, which became the first non-banking financial institution (NBFI) to be listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. 


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Top 5 reasons to invest in a property in Ulaanbaatar

Struggling to find reliable returns affects all investors. Volatile investments, currency risk and the need for diversification present challenges for individuals and families. Real estate has often been shown to have a low correlation with the performance of other asset classes- and can be one of the first to outperform when an economy recovers. We looked at five reasons you should consider investing in residential property in UB, now.

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Mongolia renewable capacity nearly doubles in 2017


Mongolia has enormous potential for the development of renewable energy. After all, it is a country the size of Western Europe, with a population of only three million but with 250 days of sunshine per annum. It is also on the doorstep of both China and Russia.

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The Mongolian Stock Exchange: its evolution and potential

        We’ve written about the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) and the remarkable returns it delivered in 2017. Though small and thinly traded, it provides a barometer of investor interest in the country since it is one of the simplest means to gain exposure to the industrial base of the country. 

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Foreigners return to work and settle in Mongolia

When we write about the potential for rental yields in Ulaanbaatar, we offer point to the large (and growing) expat community. Our narrative is that foreigners seek prime units, and though there has been no shortage of new commissions, there is a lack of actual delivery. These people, often transient, work in specialist roles, and have large housing packages, underpinned by even larger corporates. 

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Why you should invest in Mongolia

Mongolia is a fantastic place to invest in property as a foreigner. The regulatory framework on title and property rights, combined with a great tax policy and no exchange controls, make Mongolia one of the best destinations in Asia for property ownership.

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