US-Mongolian Diplomatic Relations Blossom

The recently published Indo-Pacific Strategy Report by the United States signals strengthening US-Mongolian diplomatic ties.


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Legal Environment in Mongolia

Under the Soviet regime, all land in Mongolia was owned and collectively managed by the state. The 1992 constitution allowed for different forms of private land and immovable property tenure. Apartments were privatized by the thousands, as were industrial centers, farms and livestock. However, partially due to low population densities, the vast majority of land remained public property.

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Pushing forward infrastructure in Mongolia

Mongolia faces a daunting task in improving its physical infrastructure, but has an administration with the ability to do it. On the back of stronger economic performance in the last year and pragmatic policy making, Fitch anticipated that the country’s construction industry will grow from MNT1017bn this year to 1589bn MNT in 2020.

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The Story of the Tugrik: Stability Increases Investment

For investors investing across international borders, the foreign exchange rate can be incredibly important. If the currency is devaluing fast, any gains on investment into assets valued in that currency can be significantly diminished. Mongolia’s exchange rate (against the US dollar) has not done well in the last few years, due to government policies against foreign investment, but shows signs of stabilizing, as the government has reversed its policies.

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Tax Guidance for Property Investment in Mongolia

Taxes in Mongolia can be difficult to navigate, so we condensed and shortened some of our 2018 Mongolia Real Estate Report to give to you as useful content for investing in an exciting emerging market. 

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Chinese Property Investment Drops... Opportunity in Mongolia Increases

Key Points:

  •        New Chinese regulations likely related to its ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative (BRI) have restricted overseas property investment from Chinese citizens
  •        Key global property markets are weakening as a result
  •        The Chinese government has also decreased its coal production significantly
  •        Mongolia has already benefited and will continue to benefit from both parts of these policies

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Back on Track: Mongolia and the IMF

 After several rough years, Mongolia looks set to return to fiscal health. Supported by higher commodity prices and the initiation of the fiscal consolidation program set out in the IMF bailout package, investor confidence is returning. Fitch’s recent decision to upgrade its outlook for Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating to ‘B’ indicates that Ulaanbaatar is in an increasingly strong position to meet its obligations to overseas creditors.

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Green China: How Beijing’s environmental policy affects Mongolia


Xi Jinping has declared war on pollution, and he means it. Thirty years of heavy industrialisation has made the environment a hugely salient political issue. Despite being chastised as one of the worst environmental offenders, China is quietly undergoing a green revolution.

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Mongolia on the move: navigating international relationships


In Mongolia, change is afoot. Natural resources offer rapid development - but only if the country manages them wisely. This depends heavily on how Ulaanbaatar interacts with its international partners.

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