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Olympic Residence Lobby Interior Design

Psst..... have you been to our brand new lobby at the Olympic Residence? The project team at Mongolian Properties is happy to present the interior design of the Residential Lobby at the Olympic Residence. The most important aspect we kept in mind while going through the preliminary design of the lobby, was to keep it bright as possible.

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Staging

If you are having trouble reselling a property, a little bit of home staging goes a long way and always seems to turn it around. We are here to help you home stage your property in a way that will give it the "WOW" factor and attract home buyers instantly. Here at Mongolian Properties, we specialise in home staging, to help create some of the best interior designed units in the city.

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A Beginner's Guide to Home Renovation

Home renovation can be a great way to improve your living environment, increase the value of your home, and show a little creativity. To help you get the process started, we have a few tips, tricks, and suggestions for the renovation process for what you can do with your house. Remember you are only limited by your budget, time, and your imagination.

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Olympic Residence Interior Design Tour

World-renowned real estate consultancy Voodoo Associates, and interior design company Rive Gauche, collaborated to create the Olympic Residence.

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