Top Countryside Destinations in Mongolia

Mongolia is famous not only for being an emerging economy, but also for its beautiful countryside that consists of beautiful mountains, lakes, deserts and parks. This article looks at the various countryside destinations one can enjoy while visiting this frontier market. 

Mongolian countryside camels

Ride camels in Khongoryn Els of Central Mongolia

Mongolian Countryside Reindeers

Visit the Tsaatan people near the Khuvsgul lake in Northern Mongolia


Discover the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, Kharkhorum, in Central Mongolia

Mongolian Gobi Desert


Explore the remnants of ancient dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert in Southern Mongolia

Mongolian Countryside Steppes

Roam in the steppes of Dornod in Eastern Mongolia

Mongolian Countryside Monastery

 Hiking near the historical Aglag Buteeliin Monastery in Central Mongolia

Mongolian Countryside

Experience the Eagle Hunting Festival in Bayan-

Ulgii in Western Mongolia

Mongolian Temple


Visit the Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Central Mongolia

Mongolian River

Go fishing in Orkhon River Central Mongolia

We hope you found this information useful. To learn more about Mongolia and other aspects of Mongolia, you can read more here

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