The Village @Nukht - Dream Village Where Comfort Meet Luxury

Author Namy

Feb 01, 2018 / Residential, Investment Properties, Videos

As one of the most promising and anticipated projects, The Village @ Nukht is an award-winning, western style mixed-used development offering an assortment of retail and leisure related activities. Capitalizing on the trend of affluent Mongolians spending their leisure time outside of the city center, the 10,000 square meter development is designed to fill a gap in retail and entertainment offering in Ulaanbaatar.The Village @ Nukht is forecast to become the premier, family oriented retail and entertainment destination and host to musical shows, cultural performances, weddings and special events. The interior courtyard provides access to the shops, restaurants, offices, luxury residences, and entertainment venues as well as a protected outdoor open space for visitors to enjoy the the countryside. The Village @ Nukht is the only retail getaway and leisure destination outside Ulaanbaatar’s city center.





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